Student Recruitment Services

Newton offers a variety of services for universities and boarding schools interested in recruiting students from Egypt. These services include high school and university visits, university representation and school fairs.

Since 2015, Newton has represented several universities in the US, Canada and Europe. More recently, in 2017, Newton has also been representing a number of boarding schools, summer and winter camps in the US and Switzerland.

University Fairs

At Newton, we have a strong network of, and great relationships with, school counsellors and university admission officers across the country. We help admissions teams arrange and coordinate school and/or university visits across Egypt. Our visits include pre-visit student surveys, transportation and travel assistance to university representatives.



We also represent boarding schools and universities during school visits and fairs. Newton Education Services would represent your university or school at these events, and to ensure an end-to- end experience, Newton would distribute information material during school visit, conduct student surveys, in addition to sending you the list of interested students after every school visit.

School Fair

Our fairs are well-attended and popular among our students! Dates and times of our fairs are announced on our website and our social media pages for universities who are interested in signing up!