We don’t mean to brag. We’re not arrogant. And there’s certainly a lot we don’t know. If you want to find out what the world’s biggest dinosaur was, or how to get the best deal on a new refrigerator, well, we’re probably not the ones to ask.

But what we know we know. Specifically university admissions, and we can help you with many related areas as well.  Newton staff have themselves suffered through and succeeded in the application process to demanding institutions such as Harvard University, Georgetown, and Yale. More importantly, we have spent many years helping other Egyptians achieve undergraduate or graduate admission to the universities of their choice.

Now with “Newton Knows” we want to reach beyond our current clients, and expand the discussion beyond the FAQ we focus on every day.

You’ll hear a lot here about the U.S. higher education system, which offers particularly diverse and popular choices (over 8,500 accredited!) along with complicated admissions processes. But Newton can help with other admissions systems too. There’s the U.K., which U.S. News and World Reports considers the world’s “top” study option.And don’t forget Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and many more. We’ll help you size up what’s out there and how you can get in.

Newton is perhaps best known for our test preparation classes, and this blog will talk about test prep too. In fact our next post will round up some fundamentals to remember that will move you toward success in any and every admissions test, from SATand IELTSto GMATand beyond.

A few other topics we’re considering for the future:

  • A series on different high paid careers and how to prepare for them
  • Summer camps and summer schools for college prep, English, athletics….
  • Scholarships: where the money is and how to get it
  • Online versus on campus
  • Timelines and deadlines for application to different countries

We want “Newton Knows” to serve you and respond to the questions on your  mind. Just let us know—how can we help you?